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Analysis: ipoque, DPI, and Network Neutrality

German Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) manufacturer ipoque has produced a white paper titled “Deep Packet Inspection: Technology, Applications & Network Neutrality.” In it, the company distinguishes between DPI as a technology and as technology possessing potential social effects. After this discussion they provide a differentiated ‘tiering’ of various bandwidth management impacts on network neutrality.

Analysis: ipoque, DPI, and bandwidth management

In 2008, ipoque released a report titled “Bandwidth Management Solutions for Network Operators“. Using Deep Packet Inspection appliances, it is possible to establish a priority management system that privileges certain applications’ traffic over others; VoIP traffic can be dropped last, whereas P2P packets are given the lowest priority on the network. Two  modes of management […]

Analysis: ipoque, DPI, and copyright

I worry that increasingly far-reaching and burdensome copyright laws, when combined with the analysis techniques of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), will lead to pervasive chilling of speech. I see this as having real issues for both the creation and development of contemporary culture, which depends on mixing the past into new creations (with ‘the past’ […]

Analysis: ipoque, DPI, and encryption

ipoque is one of the world’s leading Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) appliance manufacturers. For the past several years they have been producing detailed reports on the constitution of Internet bandwidth usage; their 2006 report was predominantly based on German data (100,000 German households’ data was incorporated into the study, versus 10,000 European households outside of […]

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